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STACY LOMMAN : NEW YORK  -  Luxury Apparel


Worst Look Winner

I didn’t want to write anything about the tragedy in Haiti because first of all, this is not the right venue and secondly, it’s too depressing. We’ve been inundated for the past several days with articles and footage of this disastrous event. So, I decided to discuss a different kind of disaster – fashion. New York City is a cornucopia of style. People from all different walks of life express their individual fashion sense, some good and some bad. I try to have my Canon digital with me at all times in the (likely) event that I spot a ridiculous outfit.

                            Winner of the "Worst Look" - gentleman on the number 4 train
I snapped this photo on the 4 train the other day. I simply couldn’t resist. This man is the grand prize winner of my “Worst Look of the Week” contest (aka “Trashin’ Fashion”). He doesn’t know that he’s won and there is no trophy or award, but still, I’m sure he would be proud. When I noticed his little red booty, I started singing (in my head) “Pants on the Ground,” the jingle that has become an overnight hit after an American Idol contestant auditioned with his original tune. Did I just shamelessly admit that I watch American Idol? Only the auditions, I swear!


  1. you are hystrical! i always try to have my camera with me to snap pics of fabulous outfits...but i think your approach might be more fun!

  2. This "look" is rampant in my neighborhood, which is all the more ironic, given that it is super-blanched suburbia!

    I vote "no!!"

  3. Honey, I hear ya. And that photo really does win for "trashin' fashion". M and I have been watching How to Look Good Naked Canada and What Not to Wear and all I've got to say is, get a good bra an wear something that fits at the waist!