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"Nouveau Year's Resolutions"

Every year we get a chance to start fresh—clean slate, tabula rasa. We put so much pressure on ourselves with declarations of change. We promise to do more, to do better, or when it comes to bad habits, to do less or stop completely. Oh pshaw! After the year I’ve had, I think 2010 owes me big-time! So, I’ve decided to relax and forget about all the typical New Year’s resolutions that I always make and instead I’m trying a slightly different, more modern or nouveau approach…

This is supposed to be my list of resolutions, NOT the menu at Balthazar from WendyB's New Year's party

I resolve to…

1. Stop dieting. I will, however, eat more veggies.
2. Stop worrying. It’s pointless and it causes wrinkles… ick!
3. Stop cutting my hair. It’s like an addiction… once I start, I can’t stop.
4. Stop hitting the snooze button. OK, that’s a stretch… I will allow two snoozes then rise and shine. Or just rise, I guess that’s good enough.
5. Stop standing in line and spending money at Starbuck’s and then complaining that I don’t like their coffee.

I will make a valiant effort to…

1. Floss.
2. Learn French. No, I’m REALLY going to do it this time… thirteenth attempt is a charm!
3. Date a guy under 6’2”. He must have hair if I’m going to make the height exception.
4. Smile. To show off my flossing, of course.
5. Make money!!!!!!!!!!! Nuff said.

I think these nouveau resolutions are achievable and they are more commendable than my original goal to sit on my couch, watch movies and hibernate all winter. I’d love to hear everybody else’s resolutions as well, so please share!


  1. Worthy resolutions. And I'm so with you on the Starbucks coffee. Why do I do that to myself multiple times per week??? I do like the breakfast protein plate though. Do you have that in NY?

  2. i definately like your approach to "resolutions"...they are achievable!

  3. I have a new commitment to flossing too!

  4. Hey, if you're going to learn French, then this site will be a great resource for you:

    It translates from French to English, and vice versa; it also conjugates any verb, and has forums. I used it all the time when I was studying the language (again) recently.

    I love the attitude you have toward "resolutions." I see lots of Resolutionaries in my work, and I'm always glad to see people taking action, especially when they are doing it with a sense of humor, and reasonable goals in mind!

  5. LOL to the 'height exception' - cheers too that resolution!!

    And you dolls looked absolutely gorgeous on NYE ;-)