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Rancid Rancic

I didn’t include Giuliana DePandi Rancic in my post yesterday even though she deserved very much to be on the worst dressed list. She also should win for the worst hair… and the largest forehead. Yikes, I sound so catty! I can’t help it. Rancic was the most annoying correspondent I’ve seen lately because she was so consumed with herself. There were several bad moments and bad interviews, but perhaps the most appalling came when Rancic “interviewed” Anna Kendrick, one of the stars in the nominated film Up In The Air. This was a probably a pretty important moment for the young actress, wouldn’t you think? Well, not if you’re Giuliana Rancic, apparently. Rancic could have cared less what Anna had to say, instead, she was more concerned about throwing herself at George Clooney. Here’s a look at her making a fool of herself…


  1. Did you see her on Fashion Police the other day? I only watched because I was in the gym. Out of four "fashion police" people, Khloe Kardashian was the most chic. How sad is that? Giuliana looked as bad as she did at the Globes. She was also wearing a satin one shoulder top with a big doodad on the one shoulder...and criticizing EVERYONE who wore a big ruffle! WTF? Joan Rivers was funny and at least she knows she's a plastic surgery disaster. Then there was the Hair Horror dude.

  2. Thank you for writing this. I find her annoying and her clothing always so inappropriate. I could feel the pure hated when she found out one of the actresses and her beau had scheduled that perfectly suited them. He was off when she was filming in the West, and she was off when he was working here. She really is all about her.

  3. Ha! I saw that clip and thought the same thing! She needs to just focus on interviews and stop trying to be everyone's friend.

  4. wow...i have no words...seriously...
    and wendy...yes...i did see the fashion police...and i was thinking the same have no leg to stand on to be criticizing right now...and yes...joan as always was hilarious...

  5. "You'd be answering George Clooney questions all your life"

    Dang. She didn't ask her anything about herself!