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Denim Endures

I’ve been doing a little spring cleaning lately (even though it’s winter) and I thought that a fun project to tackle would be organizing and filing old photos. Sounds entertaining, right? Class pictures, family gatherings, bad haircuts and fashion tragedies. I skipped over the awkward junior high years – too humiliating! But, when I came across these two antiques (below), a smile stretched wide across my face as I remembered this time in my life so vividly and fondly. How groovy were my sister and I in our matching denim jumpsuits? The scarf is the perfect accessory (apart from the bows in the pigtails, of course!).

Me in a killer denim jumpsuit - 1976

At the time, I didn’t realize what a stylish kindergartener I was – I just thought it was cool that I dressed like my big sister. Looking at these pictures, I almost feel like we could send these vintage gems straight onto the runway today, but I don’t think they would fit even the most anorexic of models! They are very trend-right. I particularly appreciate the red topstitching on the collar and the exposed, red vislon zipper!

My sister Kim in her matching jumpsuit - 1976
Denim is always an important fabric, but some seasons it’s more of a staple than others. Spring 2010 proved to be a very “denim-friendly.” Designers such as Alexander McQueen and Helmut Lang used two-piece dressing in head to toe denim, resulting in a jumpsuit look. Jean Paul Gaultier showed elaborate overalls and corset-like jackets. Ralph Lauren and D&G’s collections were saturated with denim; in fact, I think D&G used the fabric in every look.

So, keep your old jean jackets if you haven’t tossed them already, hang on to your cut offs and mind your miniskirts. Accessorize properly and you should be able to wear all of the denim goodies in your arsenal!


  1. You two are so adorable! Look at your pig tails. I was a rather unlovely child.

  2. I love those pictures, especially the yarn hair ties. For part of my youth, my hair was long enough for those.

    My big mistake -- I got a crazy long denim skirt with a train years ago, decided it was impractical and cut it shorter. I SO wish I had the train again.

  3. I knew there was a reason I was hanging onto my denim jackets!

    Your 1976 haircut reminds me of my very own blonde Poltergeist cut from about the same time. Did your mom cut your hair like mine did?

  4. Kristin - we ALL had some awkward younger years. You are gorgeous now and that's what counts!

    Wendy - if YOU thought something impractial it must have been!

    Tina - hells yeah my mom cut my hair. That's why my bangs were so straight -- not!

  5. Girl..sooo cute! I know all about the matching outfits. Lol. And those bows. Nice memory...We totally had them too! So funny. Denim rules!

  6. You should go back to that hairstyle...bring it back!!!!

  7. oh my cute were you! love the pony tails!