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Globe Review

The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards took place last night and the overall winner wasn’t Avatar, it was CLEAVAGE. Mariah Carey is always spilling out of her dresses, but last night, she wasn’t the only celebrity flaunting her bosom on the red carpet (she was, however, the “biggest” offender). Anna Paquin, Felicity Hoffman, Halle Berry, Olivia Wilde and Fergie jumped on the bosom bandwagon. Even flat chested Kate Hudson faked some cleavage in her “stuffed” Marchesa dress.

So, let’s get to it…

My number one choice for best dressed female is Reese Witherspoon. Reese looked very elegant and beautiful in a midnight navy, one-shouldered dress by Armani.

To round out the top five (OK, 6) best females…

Jennifer Aniston in Valentino – sexy and revealing, but tasteful!

Rose Byrne (“Damages”) in Lanvin – love the clean lines and purple color

Zoe Saldana in Louis Vuitton - it's a beautiful color and the multi-tier look works on her waify frame

Heather Graham in Elie Saab - pure glamour

Diane Kruger in Christian Lacroix - she gets kudos for color, plus "it’s Lacroix, darling, sweetie, darling!"

OK, now the fun part! I am torn between Cher and Drew Barrymore for the worst dressed award, so I’ve decided to call it a tie. Cher’s lacing detail on the shoulder accentuated her broad shoulders making her look even more like a drag queen, while Drew looked like she was being attacked by sea creatures.

Rounding out the top five worst…

Mary Poppins…uh, I mean Tina Fey – when will she get a decent stylist?

Julianne Moore – how could her escort, Tom Ford, allow her to wear this frumpy and tacky dress?

Jennifer Morrison ("House") in Luis Antonio – I think this Puerto Rican designer was inspired by the crumpled papers he must have been throwing on the ground with every failed attempt at sketching something aesthetically pleasing!

Christina Hendricks chose to wear a creation (for lack of a better word) by Christian Siriano (former Project Runway winner). Bad choice. The asymmetric ruffle extending across the bottom and falling on her right hip makes her look WIDE. Oh, you didn’t notice the ruffle? You were too busy staring at her giant breasts that refuse to be contained by the flimsy bodice?

Since I’ve only given myself five picks for the best and the worst, I’ve reserved a few more that I will put into a category called “other interesting ensembles.”

Chloe Sevigny as a Portuguese Man o' War

Tea Leoni in David Duchovny's shirt?

Mickey Rourke


  1. You know Diane Kruger was MY fave!

  2. Great choices, it looks like we made a lot of the same calls!

    Although, I almost put Heather Graham on my worst list. It looks just like my too heavy prom dress from the early 90's.

  3. hahah your commentary are making me laugh!!!

    what happened to drew dear oh dear!

  4. reese witherspoon is wearing armani
    maryanne (schmatta, rags to riches to rags)

  5. I've been loving Reese more and more every year. She's really gorgeous and I've come to like her choices in fashion. I've always loved my Jen Aniston, but feel her hair was a bit shabby. I think Chris could have made the hair a bit more elegant to match the dress and not make it look like she came from the beach. I wish I could wear a dress like that though. My legs could never carry it off.

  6. Reese looks stunning - love the navy blue!! This color would look AMAZING on you ;-)

  7. Oh boy, wouldn't it be the worst if it turned out that Julianne Moore's dress was a Tom Ford? Zoinks!

    I loved all the same dresses you did. Diane Krueger's is my favorite.

  8. (Oops, sorry about the misspelling of D.K.'s name.)