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Don't Change...

Can you believe Michael Hutchence, the sexy front man from INXS would have turned 50 today if he hadn't left us in November 1997?  I'm sure he would still look great at 50!  Here's a vintage clip of a young (23 yr. old!) Hutchence singing one of my favorites...


  1. I loved INXS!!! I was going to see them 3 times during the summer I was heading off to college, but my father forbade me on the last night. We didn't speak for three months until he dropped me off in Boston.!

  2. Did I tell you about the time I was going to an INXS concert with my friends Jim and Matt, and we went to the Patricia Field boutique before the show? Jim saw some guy who looked like Hutchence and was all excited and Matt and I totally abused him and said no way, it wasn't him. At the show that night, Hutchence came on in the exact same clothes that he was wearing out and about earlier in the day so there was no denying it. Jim didn't speak to us for a week.